Dog Training 101

Training 101 is Pet Centrics’ basic 6-session course on dog training. This Beginner Level course provides an introduction into Basic Obedience and Home Manners for the owner and his/her companion dog. As with all Pet Centrics Courses, this course is meant for the owner to take together with their dog.

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This is an instructional course in dog training, canine basic obedience and home manners. You and your dog meet with me, your instructor, once a week to learn and practice various training exercises. All sessions are conducted at the Training Venue.

To get the most out of this course, owners should be able to commit to at least 5-15 minutes of daily training with their dog in fulfillment of the home exercises. Though not a requirement for course completion, you are encouraged to video record your home training exercises with your dog so that I may evaluate your progress at home and provide important feedback.


The Training 101 course is centered strongly around owner education. It is my goal not only to help you understand, train and develop a better bond with your beloved dog, but also that you become an owner who is knowledgeable in modern science-based methods of dog training, and who thoroughly knows his/her responsibilities as a pet owner.


Following the class exercises, your dog should learn to respond to basic position cues under zero to minimum distractions and begin to develop impulse control, which is useful for home manners. Your dog will also be introduced to holding basic positions and coming when called under minor distractions, as well as walking nicely when on leash.

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  1. AGE:
    • Puppy Group: 3-5 months old.*
      • For puppies 3 to 5 months old. Puppy Group Class follows a similar syllabus to its counterpart for adult dogs. But, in addition, it provides a safe venue for puppies of similar ages to interact and play with one another in controlled play groups, which is essential for their early socialization.*Older puppies may be permitted to enroll in this group pending an evaluation. Please inquire.
    • Adult Group: Approximately 5 months and older
      • Dogs of any age above 5 months old are welcome, however, dog owners must be advised that the older the dog the longer it takes for a dog – especially one without a background in training – to learn new behaviors.
  2. BEHAVIOR EVALUATION and/or SKILLS ASSESSMENT: required for all, conducted on Orientation Day or privately scheduled evaluations.
    • Dogs joining the Group Class should be social towards people and other dogs. If your dog is displaying extreme fears, anxieties or aggression, a group class might not be suited for him/her and Private Classes should be considered, or you may wish to schedule a behavior consultation with me first.
  3. HEALTH CHECK: required for all, conducted on Orientation Day or privately scheduled evaluations. Dog must have no communicable/infectious disease or conditions that may affect behavior or physical performance. Veterinary Health Certification will be required in certain cases.
    • Veterinarian-signed PROOF OF VACCINATION must be presented for the following:
    • DHPPi (required; for puppies, vaccinations should be up to date but not necessarily completed)
    • RABIES (required, if 3 months and older)
    • DEWORMING (highly recommended)
    • HEARTWORM PREVENTION (highly recommended)
    • TICK and FLEA PREVENTION (highly recommended)

REQUIREMENTS for the Owner:

  1. Internet access to receive online course material and participate in online course discussions
  2. All incoming students must READ, SIGN and SUBMIT the Pet Centrics Training Services Agreement together with their enrollment fee.


  • Training Treats
  • Belt bag or treat pouch
  • Toys
  • Potty cleaning materials
  • Collar and Leash
  • Place bed (specifications to be provided)

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GROUP CLASS: 4500.00PHP per dog / PRIVATE CLASS: 8500.00PHP per dog

Course fee includes:

  • 6 training sessions with instructor, each 1 to 1.5 hours long, conducted at the Training Venue
  • 60-day access to online forum for behavior and training consultations
  • 60-day access to online course material:
    • Lecture material and exercise sheets
    • Supplementary material
    • Demo videos
    • Other bonuses


All behavior consultations and training are conducted at the Training Venue. Click HERE to view a map and get directions.


What if I miss or am unavailable on one of the session dates?

If you are unavailable to attend 1 or 2 sessions you may schedule a make-up session with the instructor for a fee of 500.00PHP per session. However, if you cannot attend more than a couple of sessions please consider attending another batch of classes instead.

My dog is older than 1 year of age. Can he/she still be trained?

Older dogs can still be trained, however, dog owners must be advised that the older the dog the longer it takes for a dog – especially one without a background in training – to learn new behaviors.

Does this course cover Potty Training?

I frequently get asked if potty training is covered in the Puppy Training 101 / Dog Training 101 course. Potty training is discussed and you will receive advice and guidance for how to go about it with your dog. But there are no specific exercises included in the syllabus for potty training.

My dog keeps play biting me, and he/she is hyperactive. Will this course stop these behaviors?

If you follow the exercises and regularly spend time training with your puppy/dog throughout the duration of the course, it is very likely that many of the common problem behaviors that owners experience with their dogs will be stopped or at least reduced.

My dog is fearful of and/or aggressive towards people and/or dogs. Will this course help with these behaviors?

Owners of dogs that are known to be fearful and/or aggressive should schedule a private evaluation and/or a behavior consultation with me so I can help you determine what course would be best suited for your dog.