“Puppy Training Basics” by Dr. Mary Rose Magpily

What’s Inside:preview

  • Contains 10 chapters, 200+ pages of text, pictures and illustrations. Written and prepared by Dr. Mary Rose Magpily, a veterinarian, canine behavior consultant and owner of Pet Centrics.
  • Step-by-step training instructions to help you teach your puppy his first lessons in Home Manners and Basic Obedience.
  • With detailed Prevention Tips and Management Strategies for Common Puppy Problem Behaviors including:
    • House Soiling / Lack of Potty Training
    • Puppy Play Biting and Nipping
    • Destructive Chewing
    • Hyperactivity

With the help of the Puppy Training Basics E-book, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid guesswork and surprises, and get help planning and preparing for your puppy’s arrival and for the early days of your puppy living with you.
  • Reduce the stress of living with an exuberant, young puppy and prevent and manage problem behaviors before they become your dog’s bad habits in adulthood.
  • Raise your puppy up properly, and avoid ending up with a puppy that’s fearful, aggressive or even both.
  • Bring your puppy to his/her full potential as a companion dog who is reliable to join you and your family on all your adventures.

Product Details:

  • This e-book contains both text, pictures and illustrations and is downloadable in a PDF format that is easily readable on any of your devices and using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is free to download over the internet.
  • No waiting time! Your e-book will be immediately downloadable via the link that you’ll receive as soon as payment has been completed.

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Hi, I’m Doc Marose!

I wrote the Puppy Training Basics E-book specifically to supplement the beginner level training courses that I teach at Pet Centrics Dog Training. As such, the information included in this book has previously only been accessible to students who enrolled in one of my 6-session courses. But now, I want to make this guide available to as many new puppy owners as possible so that they too can benefit from my knowledge and experiences in dog training.

It’s important to me that you thoroughly enjoy your puppy and that he or she achieves his or her full potential as your family dog. And I sincerely believe that the Puppy Training Basics E-book contains a vast amount of information useful to puppy owners to achieve their training objectives for their new family dog. Comments or Questions? Email info@petcentrics.ph to get in touch with me.